Saturday, 29 March 2014

36 Week - Pregnancy Update

This has taken me some time to write this. I have been sort of in denial, sort of pretending that someone was going to call and say, "oops, we made a mistake"....

At my appointment on Thursday with my OB, I learned that this fate seems sealed. There was no improvement in my misplaced placenta and so I'm writing this from my temporary home... the hospital. I was admitted here today, and will await the arrival of this sweet little baby from this room. 

It was hard to swallow the news. I couldn't bring myself to pack. I burst into random tears a few times over the last two days. This morning I finally put my belongings in a suitcase. I spent the morning with my wonderful boys & hubby. We had "mall lunch" at the local mall where the boys love to eat. I think its the novelty of having the different choices of meal even though they ALWAYS choose the same lunch. It was a nice morning. They then helped me get settled into my room here and were way better behaved than I had anticipated. They got to check out the room (which happens to be the same room that I had baby #3 in!), they played with the ice machine in the hallway, and they reassured me that we will all be ok.

Here they are all excited with the experience:

They were mostly excited about the big bath tub and the ice machine. They asked if they can have a bath here sometime. I'm glad its cool for them. They were looking at all the great things about the room. The little fridge was on the list also. 

Their wonderful reactions today made everything easier today. I thought today was going to be very upsetting but I've been pleasantly surprised! I enjoyed the time with the boys. After they left I had the chance to rest a little, and then a wonderful BFF came in with snacks and Pepsi! When I got here one of the first things I said to my hubby was, "I can't believe I didn't bring any pop!". She knows me so well. 

So, I'll be keeping track of the time spent here, and I'll be sharing this experience. There's not a heck of a lot to do so I will have time. Haha. 

Day 1: Checked in and settled. Had lovely time with the family. Had a wonderful friend drop in with goodies. Had a not-so-terrible supper. Sent texts to almost everyone I know. Planned things to do tomorrow. Watched an episode of Breaking Bad. Started watching the Leafs' game. Had another wonderful friend drop by with a delicious Blizzard (note to self: walk halls often to combat the generous comfort foods). Tempted to turn off the Leafs' game. Wrote this post.

Here's what I look like when I'm just taking it all in. 

Sidenote: I was also very happy with how my hair looked today.

Stay tuned!

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