Monday, 24 March 2014

DIY Bassinet Makeover

I've been getting ready for baby... cooking, baking, filling the freezers and nesting around the house. Things are really starting to come together here, especially with the motivation that comes along with this condition that I have been diagnosed with.  I have been really trying to get ahead of things just in case. If you haven't already read them, I've posted a couple of recent updates here and here. Things are moving along, and I can't believe its only a few short weeks until baby arrives!

I've been finding it hard to decide on what new things this baby needs, as we've already got most of what we need from all these other kids, and I am not into doubles of items. I also like to reuse what I've got, no need to update with each baby. I have to say that even after three boys, most items are holding up quite well!

I had a wonderful idea a few weeks back, and I purchased the supplies I would need to make it happen. In typical me fashion, I put it off until just last week (nothing like waiting til the last minute for these things). I am so excited to share this project and I am happy to report that it was way easier than I had originally planned on, which was a total bonus!  I had anticipated a few days worth of work and time but had it completed in one afternoon!

This bassinet is a loaner. It's the same one I had borrowed from a friend for my youngest almost two years ago. We had never used one before him. We had opted for the playpen type with the upper level that you use for when the babies are little. I have to say that I think the sleep results were MUCH better with this bassinet. I think its how cozy it is. In the other kind, the other boys tended to be able to move around more and I think it just wasn't as comfy so they would wake up more often. Our third Monkey slept pretty much solid nights in here (don't be mad.. the others didn't do as well) for the first 6 months. I was super sad when he was getting to mobile and wiggly to be safe in it as it was such a great bed!

This time, my friend decided she wouldn't be wanting the thing back and shortly after getting it back from her, I decided it needed a face-lift!

When I decided that re-doing this bassinet was a wonderful idea, I had no idea how I was going to do it. No plan. No pattern. No clue. So one day I sat down and decided my plan of attack. Here's how it went down....

DIY Bassinet Makeover

You'll need:

2 (1) meter fabric of your choice
seam ripper
iron & board

1) Prewash and dry the fabric and the bassinet cover. 

2) Gather supplies.

3) Using the seam ripper, carefully take apart the seam ripper, labeling the pieces as you go.

4) Using the individual pieces as a guide, iron and carefully cut the fabric sections.  I suppose most may pin the fabric before cutting. I'm more of a 'wing-it' type so I just paid close attention and cut along the edges.

5) Pin, Pin PIN! Pin the pieces together in preparation for sewing. This part is imperative.  I chose to sew the new fabric onto the already quilted lining for the inside of the bassinet to save time and effort. 

6) Following the original seams, sew the pieces together. There were straps for handles and button fasteners to replace also, so I marked those. I also made note of the order in which I tore the cover apart and tried to sew it back together in that same order. 

7) Reassemble the bassinet. Its important to make note of how you took it apart.  This part was tricky due to all the inner parts, but I figured it out.

For the canopy, I really did just the same. Took all the pieces apart. Cut the new fabric to the same size, pinned and sewed. I even reused the elastic in the canopy that was still in great shape.

There you have it! The absolutely adorable made over baby bed! This is probably my very favourite sewing project ever, and my proudest results! It makes me super excited to have a little baby to enjoy it!

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