Friday, 4 April 2014

37 Weeks - Pregnancy Update

Yesterday morning, I woke up to overcast day. The past few have looked bright and sunny and springy from my hospital room. I have not been permitted to leave the building, so I have been enjoying it through my window. This week marks 37 completed weeks of pregnancy!  I can't even believe it. I can't understand where the time has gone, although I feel like it may have passed more quickly because we have been running against the clock, waiting for this placenta previa to move. So that likely explains why it feels that it has gone so fast.... I've been wishing the time slower so that there is plenty for the miracle I've been waiting for.

The time in this hospital room has been long. I am glad that I packed for it. I had packed yarn to finish baby's blanket, my laptop to enjoy some Netflix and to keep posting, books and magazines, and snacks to get me through. I also have amazing friends who have been here helping me through the time, bringing me delicious food & treats, and activities to pass the time. Its been so wonderful to have the support and love from my friends and family, and I am sure that this would have been an absolutely horrible experience without them!

Day 2

Sleeping was nearly impossible do to the change in environment, the absolutely uncomfortable bed, and missing my family. I woke up tired, sore and kind of cranky. 

I decided to pass the morning watching more Breaking Bad (I'm completely hooked!). I had a visit with a friend who was in after having had her baby a few days prior, and I got to snuggle her new little man! Then my guys came to visit... not middle man though, which made me sad. The poor little boy hadn't seen his best friend from next door all weekend, and so he begged to stay at their house while my hubby brought the other boys. I was sad. But I was kind of relieved as this indicated to me that he was not taking this situation too hard. Kids are so resilient! 

I had two friends stop in with coffee and magazines and chocolate! A little later on in the evening another friend stopped in with a delicious homemade layered nacho dip.  At this point I decided that I would be creating an exercise routine of hall walking several times a day to prevent massive weight gain from all the delicious treats!

Day 3

I woke up at 4:30am feeling uncomfortable contractions. I waited a while to see what would happen... they continued. After some Tylenol and monitoring, they started to space apart and weren't as uncomfortable. This went on basically all day, mild irregular, uncomfortable contractions. A friend came in and stayed with me. She turned off my phone, pulled down the blinds and demanded that I close my eyes and relax. Just what I needed. I survived it and the contractions went away. Dodged that bullet!

Later on I enjoyed take out supper with another girlfriend and then a visit from yet another girlfriend and two of my favourite little girl in the world.

Exhausted, I ended up falling asleep that evening watching yet a few more episodes of Breaking Bad.

Day 4

After another fabulous sleep (insert sarcasm here), I enjoyed a wonderful day with my Mom. She pampered me with a foot soak and pedicure, lovely company and a facial. We also ordered pizza for when hubby brought the boys in (all of them this time... we may have used Lego as a bit of a bribe). So we had a pizza party complete with Rainbow Looming, Lego building and Easter crafts. They were so awesome and were able to stay for two hours without any meltdowns, freak-outs or fights.

Mom stayed late into the evening and it was so nice to have the time together.

Day 5

Sleep was almost impossible. I think the longer you sleep in one of those delivery beds, the more uncomfortable it becomes. Yikes. I had more contractions, irregular and apparently they weren't anything to panic about. My Mom returned and spend a good part of the day with me. We enjoyed lunch together and then after a wonderful back rub, she left me to rest. I tried to catch a mid-afternoon nap, didn't really happen so I worked on finishing up the blanket I'm crocheting for this new baby.

A wonderful friend brought in supper and an absolutely adorable craft! (Did you see that the Creme Egg McFlurries are back at McD's???? Oh yes they are! And they are just as delicious as I remember!!) We enjoyed a wonderful visit and made the sweetest craft! I'll be sharing that soon!

Day 6

I started off the morning filling my bladder for yet another ultrasound. This follow up was just to recheck the situation, and my OB had said that he wasn't super optimistic that there would be any change this late in the game. We were planning the booked c-section for Tuesday next week....

Well guess what?! The radiologist came right into the ultrasound and made sure that she got incredible images.... and here's the update.... 

ALL CLEAR! The diagnosis of Placenta Previa no longer applies to me!!! This update is coming to you from the comfort of my couch at HOME! I was discharged quickly after a wonderful update from my OB. Its GONE. I just have to return in labour! No more hospital stay. No c-section. No more worrying and stress of being away from my family! I'm absolutely over the moon, and I spent the evening with my wonderful guys, lots of hugging and snuggling and feeling wonderful.

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