Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Pregnancy Update!

The countdown is on!  I'm due in just 6 weeks!  However, it looks like the plan will still be for hospital admission next week followed by a planned caesarean section around 37-38 weeks.  Check out the explanation for all of this mess in this post.  I'm holding out to wait as long as possible.  I'd like to have a good sized baby, I'm used to them over 7 lbs when I'm overdue... so I'd like this one to grow a little longer!

The previa remains the same as on the ultrasound from 4 weeks ago, where its low (marginal).  I am running lower on hope that it might be changing seeing as time is limited.  My OB said that if there is a change on the next ultrasound, we will be able to wait longer and see, but I think I'm not supposed to hold my breath waiting.  

Here are some beautiful maternity photos we had done a few weeks back.  Love all of them!

These are a few of my own wonderful photography skills below from last week.  I have to say that for a while I was taking these and realized each time that the mirror was full of kid fingerprints and boogey nose marks... A good friend of mine was over helping me out with things around the house one day and cleaned it. Thanks!!  

And finally, here's baby!  Can't wait until we meet!  Its going to be an interesting experience.. and I can't wait to share that with you.  I have a super amazing friend who is also a wonderful photographer and she will be keeping track of this whole experience.  It will be so exciting to share!  

This one looks like me, don't you think???

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