Wednesday, 7 August 2013

NERD ALERT: BSB In A World Like This @ Bell Centre Montreal, Aug 6th 2013

Yesterday, a girlfriend and I traveled all the way to the big city of Montreal, Quebec for a very exciting event! We were lucky enough to score great seats at the Backstreet Boys show on their current tour, In a World Like This (insert screams of excitement here).

I have been a fan of the Boys for as long as they have been around (which is 20 Years!) and I have been to nearly every tour they have done.  Its funny, a lot of people ask me why I continue to go to these events... Its different EVERY show, and I love their music.  I would and will go see them again and again.  Its just like that.  

This is me *SUPER EXCITED* leaving the house yesterday.

I met my friend in Ottawa, and we ventured together from there.  Overall the drive was good, with only one small and accidental detour.  

We arrived at the show during the second of the two opening acts (phew!) just in time to hear Jesse McCartney sing Beautiful Soul.  It was great timing really.  We spent a few extra minutes in the hotel room, me fussing over what to wear and changing my clothed multiple times, and my friend fussing with her hair... so typical, right?!

The concert was AMAZING.  Probably the best of all that I have been to.  The Boys still got the moves, let me tell you!  

Here's the opening number:

They did a great mix of old and new songs.  Here's the setlist they played (bold are from the new album):

The Call 

Don't Want You Back 


Permanent Stain 

All I Have to Give 

As Long As You Love Me 

Show 'Em What You're Made Of 

Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely 


I'll Never Break Your Heart 

We've Got It Goin' On 

10,000 Promises (Acoustic)

Madeleine (Acoustic)

Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) (Acoustic)

The One 

Love Somebody 

More Than That 

In A World Like This 

I Want It That Way 


Everybody (Backstreet's Back) 

Larger Than Life 

Did I mention how awesome it is that Kevin is BACK?! He's better than ever too, lots of him in the new music!

The energy in the building was unbelievable, my ears are still ringing as I write this!  

The acoustic set was incredible.  I was so happy that they did Madeleine!  I love that new song.  Its got such a Beetles feel, and during the show before they did that song, they talked about how they wrote it while in London and how it was inspired by the surroundings.  I think that's so cool (see why I indicated the NERD ALERT)

There wardrobe was in classic BSB style.  2 different suits, and then a casual set.  

As you can see I may be partial to one of the members... He's been my favourite since the beginning of time :)

So there you have it.  A brief recap of the wonderful night that was the BSB show.  Stay tuned for an update about the amazingly fun and crazy afterparty that my friend and I had the opportunity to enjoy.  

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