Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Birthday Celebration Recap: 25 Again

This past weekend was so much fun.  We got a lot in in three short days, and we were sad when we had to get back to reality!  We spent much of the weekend celebrating my birthday with family and friends.  I turned *cough* 25 *cough* (again, this is the third time).  I am happy to share all the events of the weekend in hopes to relive some of it. 

The weekend started out a little tired (I had worked 6/7 nights that week).  So, on a few hours of sleep, we got ready to enjoy the weekend.

Friday before we ventured out for dinner, the kids had a cute surprise lined up for me.  There is NOTHING cuter than a homemade birthday card... and I got two!  They also had some surprise gifts wrapped up for me (with a little help from their wonderful babysitter!)

After a nice little (emotional) moment with the boys, we headed out to celebrate with friends & family at this great little spot on the water.  Its our new fav place and we are hoping to get back there this Friday before the cool weather hits!

We spent the evening listening to live entertainment, eating delicious food & enjoying great company.  I am only sad that I didn't get any pics with my friends that came out... next time.

Saturday we headed up home to visit.  On the way, we stopped in for a visit with my Grandma (whom my boys' fondly refer to as Great Grandma One).  My Mom threw together an impromptu birthday party complete with Princesses for me.  Speaking of birthday parties, have you checked out this post that was my first ever.  I planned a Dinosaur birthday for Ethan's 5th.

Here are some shots of the little park party we had.

What a wonderful weekend to celebrate my birthday. I am thankful for all the wonderful family and friends in my life, and for the time we get to share.  

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