Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Easy Weeknight Pasta Dish - Gluten Free

Tonight's dinner was brought to us by 'hurry up', 'everyone's starving' & 'no time'.  We had a wonderful family photo session with a great friend of mine that I will share at a later date so supper plans got a little fragmented.  Hubby had browned the beef before we left and when we returned I played a quick game of "What's in the Cupboards?"

Creamy Tomato Ranch Pasta Dinner (Gluten Free)

5 cups cooked rice pasta
2 cups browned ground beef
1/2 can diced tomatoes (scoop them out so you get the liquid too)
3 tbsp Epicure's Creamy Ranch Dip Mix
Epicure's Chili Garlic Sea Salt to taste

Simply brown the beef, cook the pasta, open the can of tomatoes & add all together ingredients.  Stir and serve.

You can probably substitute regular ranch dip or dressing for what I've used (... but I guarantee it won't be as delicious).  

* Note about rice pasta:  Its imperative that you rinse the cooked pasta in COLD water.  If you rinse with warm/hot or if you don't rinse at all the pasta will turn gluey .... and Ain't Nobody Got Time For That.

The Epicure 12-Cup Multipot that I used (first time out of the box.. its almost too pretty to use) has a strainer built into the lid.  Yep.  No fussing and fishing half of the pasta out of the sink when you flop it out of the cheapo plastic colander.  Not that I would feed my family sink pasta... just saying.

Everyone enjoyed this meal.  When asked, the Hubby says he'd eat it again.  That passes my test.  

Enjoy :)

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