Monday, 26 August 2013

Chickpeas in a Nest - 13 Minute Appetizer (Gluten Free)

Anyone who know me knows that in the last few child-rearing years I am somewhat of a scatterbrain. Absent-minded. Forgetful. Seriously if I don't write something down, its not happening. People tell me this is normal after having kids.  I sure hope so. Otherwise, I should probably have my head examined.  So recently, as per usual, I double booked on a weekend because I didn't have my calendar on me and made two sets of plans that were happening in two different towns for the same evening at very close to the same time.  I would like to add here that the plane were approximately 150km apart. 

Another one of my poor life habits is my inability to really plan too far ahead, and I'm always late.  For pretty much everything. Always.

I thought I had figured out a pretty good plan for being able to attend both events.  I was busy the morning of getting things ready: grabbing last-minute groceries, washing diapers, etc.  My mistake of the day was toting the two oldest boys to the store with me.  On the way we passed this awesome-looking Military Family function complete with jeeps, ambulances & medical vehicles, and helicopters all open for the kiddies to climb through.  With little noses pressed to the car window, a rush of "Mommy PLEASE", "we HAVE to go there", "Can we PLEASE go there", etc. broke out in the back seat... and how do you say no to such a boy-ish event.  So, not only did I double book plans and leave virtually no time to do these things, we then headed home to collect Daddy & Baby Brother and went back to the boy thing. 

In the approximately 13 minutes I had when we returned home, I realized that I had to get the food ready for the potluck block party we were booked in for at 5pm (and at this point its nearly 1pm...)  Here's a quick little potluck appetizer/salad that is super easy to make and super cute :)

Chickpeas in a Nest


3 english cucumbers (more or less... depends on how many you're serving)
3/4 cup tzaziki dip (I prepared Epicure's Tzaziki of course, following the instructions on the jar)
1 can chick peas, rinsed & dried
seasonings to taste (I used a pinch of Epicure's Barbecue Rub and 1 tsp Epicure's Italian Sansel)


Peel and slice cucumbers into approx. 1 1/2 inch pieces.  Using a small paring knife, hollow out little nests into the cucumbers (into the seedy part). Scoop small portions of the tzaziki into the nests.

Toss the chickpeas with the your seasonings of choice.  Place 3 or so chickpeas onto each nest and press them just enough that they don't roll off.  Voila. Cute & healthy little appetizers in 13 minutes.  Perfect.

If you're wondering, we did make it to the block party almost on time... and we did also make it to the other commitment (also not right on time but we made it and had a great time).

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