Sunday, 11 August 2013

Bathroom Makeover: Stage One

Earlier this spring, my plan had been to get the top floor of our house refreshed... paint, decor, maybe even some new living room furniture.  Here it is nearly the middle of August, and the plan has finally JUST been put into action!  I decided to start with the bathroom, because its a small space and it would be a nice way to transition into all this work.

I have been looking at paint colours and styles of decor for months now, and I have finally decided what I'm doing with each room!  

I am excited about the bathroom makeover.  The bathroom is purple.  Well, lilac-ish.. but its PURPLE and I have been dying to change it pretty much since moving in almost four years ago!

Here's what the bathroom currently looks like:

The closet in the bathroom also needs to be changed... but more in an organization way so that I can hide the baby's tub seat and bath toys away.  We usually just leave them sitting in the corner in front of the tub which I can't stand because the kids get into it all the time and I am steady picking up toys littered all over the floor in there.  

So, this is BEFORE.  We are currently in the first stage of prepping the room for paint.  The walls are sanded and washed and the 'stuff' is all out of there.

I'm hoping to get the room taped and maybe even get the first coat of paint on in the next few days.  Stay Tuned!

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