Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Father's Day Weekend Recap, cute & fun DIYs

This year, with the boys being older and actually interested in crafts, we are making a lot of gifts for different occasions.  We've been talking about what to make for Daddy this year, and we have come up with a little list of some great ideas.  I love spending time doing crafts and DIYs with the boys!  Its a great time to bond with them without them noticing.  They are usually too busy with their friends and each other, they don't seem to need me much these days (well maybe the baby, but not the older guys!), so I take advantage of these quiet moments!

First, we made up these Washi Tape frames.  Well I suppose I mostly made them and the boys enjoyed the finished product.  These were so fun.  They are little wooden frames available at most craft supplies stores.  I just covered them with stripes of fun Washi!

So much colour!  They look fabulous!

I placed them up on our dining room hutch to photograph, and forgot them there so they ended up being an early gift. 

Next, because I have been DYING to try chalkboard paint, we decorated some mugs & glasses that we picked up at Dollarama.

I found a simple tutorial here for using chalkboard paint on glass/dishes.  

I realize that I have probably broken some kind of crafter's rule here, but I swear I was in a pinch and the only tape I could find was Washi tape.  It was sad to be painting on it, but its nice to look at while I'm working on these!

Now, I'd like to point out that its important to follow the directions on the paint when using it.  It clearly states "let dry for one hour before painting second coat".  I was pushing it because of the time crunch, and when I tried to do the second coat after only about 20 minutes (close enough, right?!), the brush pretty much just peeled up the first layer.  Fail.

For the second step I decided to follow the rules and let the paint cure for at least 24 hours...

So I will wait....

Lastly, homemade t-shirts!  These never get old & they are relatively painless.

We made one for Grandpa & Great Grandpa.  They were a hit!  :)  And the kids had fun making them.


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