Monday, 24 June 2013

Canada Day Party Planning: Door Decor

With just one week until the par-tay, I'm getting super excited!  I've been searching for ideas for games & activities for the kiddos.  I've been looking around for food ideas to compliment our theme.  Its fun & I'm trying new things.

I sat on the couch with a wreath-form (thanks to my bloggy buddy Sarah for lending it to me), two balls of yarn & some straight pins and created a beautiful little wreath. 


For the wreath:

foam wreath form
yarn (colours of choice)
straight pins

For the bunting:

felt (colours of choice)
yarn as above

For the flowers:

yarn as above
crochet hook in appropriate size 

To start the wreath I took a straight pin and knotted a loop of the starting yarn colour around it.  Its important to start the tail of the yarn close to the ball so that you can wrap the yarn around the wreath form without having miles of yarn tangling.

For wrapping the yarn, its easier to do 10-12 rounds keeping the yearn fairly tight, and then slide it all together while continuing to keep it tight (tight enough to keep it from moving but not so tight it cuts into the foam).  This part is time consuming.  Really, really time consuming.  Make sure you have PVR'd episodes of The Young & The Restless to catch up on for this part.

When that was done (FINALLY), I remembered the pile of felt that I had here and decided that I would try making mini bunting for this project.  I just cut the shapes, poked holes and threaded the yarn through...

I simply tied the bunting on, matching up the colours where I tied.

It took me a while to decide how to finish this.  It needed more.  I was thinking of adding a flag, or a pinwheel, but I really wanted it to look handmade and I thought that would ruin the look.... so I found these tutorials for crocheting flowers. You can find them on my Pinterest board 'Crochet', here and here.

Here it is :)  Not too shabby for my first wreath-creating experience!  I'm quite happy with the result!

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