Friday, 21 June 2013

Date Night: Easy Pretty Nails

Tonight is DATE NIGHT!  Can you say EXCITING?  Since being back to work I feel like I only spend time with the hubby when we meet in the doorway coming & going!  

Tonight we are headed out for a pizza buffet (where they have gluten-free crust, what what!?).  I couldn't be more excited!  It will be so nice to head out just the two of us!

So sitting here I decided that I needed to do fun nails for the occasion (instead of sleeping longer, I worked last night).  I love how they turned out... they have a bowtie feel.

Here they are:

I haven't cleaned up the edges yet.  I wanted to wait until super dry so I don't mess up.  They are pinker than they photographed...  Love them.  I did it free hand, I'll just tidy up in a while.

Here are some other fun colours and designs:

Happy Friday!! :)

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