Thursday, 6 June 2013

Canada Day Party Planning!

Last year we took our boys to the local Canada Day festivities.  All I have to say is: PEOPLE!  The whole park was packed with people everywhere!  It took 45 minutes to get a drink, and even longer for cotton candy!  The kids were able to use a bouncy house after a significant line up, and pretty much this was all we did the whole afternoon... wait in line.

A girlfriend was there with us, and we decided that this year we are having our own Canada Day festivities, and we have begun the planning!  Neighbours of ours rent the bouncers, so we will have one for the kids, we are going to fill up a kiddie pool, use the sprinklers, have some games, food, BBQ, and I'm still coming up with ideas.  We have invited a whole group of parents and kids, and I feel this will be WAY WAY WAY more enjoyable than waiting in lines with young kids in the heat!

So, as I'm planning for this, I was thinking about the cool shirts that we made with the boys & a couple of our little friends last year (I hope they still fit!!)

Here they are!  Super easy to make, just requires t-shirts and fabric paint.  Disclaimer: this is very tricky to do with a 3 month old baby, and please be advised they will try to eat the paint.  No babies were harmed in the making of the t-shirts!

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