Monday, 8 July 2013

The Perfect Potluck DIY

The afternoon before our party, Sarah (Becoming Martha) sent me a link to these super cute & super efficient party DIYs that I think will be a staple in any future get togethers that include a meal.  These little bundles include your cutlery, napkin & plate, all tied together with a little ribbon for ease of the buffet style meal.  This is PERFECT!  I especially enjoyed it when trying to make the kids' plates... there was no fumbling with the stuff in my hands while trying to load the plates.

Here is the link to the genius post about making these.  They are fairly straight forward.  Punch holes in the sides of the plates, loop ribbon through and the the cutlery & napkin to the plate.  

It took a bit of time, but Sarah & I tag-teamed it, so it wasn't all that bad.  

The added bonus of these brilliant little bundles is that they are SUPER CUTE!!


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