Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Celebration: Canada's Birthday

This past weekend marked Canada's birthday.  We celebrated Canada Day with a great bunch of friends in our back yard with a BBQ/potluck party.  We enjoyed the afternoon immensely & I really enjoyed the prep too!

I searched for ideas for some new t-shirts.  I love the ones we made last year but I was looking for something different (see last year's here).  I couldn't find anything fabulous so I came up with the idea of hand print fireworks shirts.  They turned out pretty cute!

Posing in the fireworks t-shirts :)  My funny guys!  

I prepared the water bombs well in advance.... so well in advance that I had stored them away and completely forgot to pull them out for the party!  UUGGHH!  I couldn't believe it!  I remembered after everyone was gone :(  Anyway, we will have them to play with over the summer.  Here is the pin.

Now, to the rest of the party!

Link here 

Pin here

Link here

Here's the set up for the food table.  Pretty happy with the results!

The main attraction above, the BOUNCER. The kids were in there ALL DAY!

(Cup) Cake by a good friend :)  

My big boys enjoying the fun!

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