Monday, 15 July 2013

July Vacation!

It's been a quiet few days on the blog... We've been on a quick vacation to visit hubby's family near Sherbrooke, Quebec. It was an intense 7 ish hour drive with the three boys but we made it and we all survived!  We only had to stop for one barf in the car, which was thankfully caught by the mandatory travel blanket & pillow.  A couple of baby wipes and a plastic bag later, we were back on the road.  I blame my hubby's need to fill the kids with TimBits while on the road.... but you know.

We have had a great couple of days here so far, spending most of our time in the pool.  
The boys are progressing so much with their 
swimming, our oldest swam the length of the pool 
himself today, no life jacket!  

Middle Brother has finally let go of the ladder!  He had 
an unfortunate experience last summer that I had 
apparently forgotten, where his older brother pushed 
him into the pool and he couldn't swim.  He brought 
this up on the trip here, "Hey Ethan?!  Remember 
when you pushed me into Uncle Roy's pool?!  I didn't 
like that!"  .....  And immediately I felt like 'mother-of-
the-year'.  This poor kid has been afraid of water and 
completely unwilling to really participate in swimming 
lessons.  Had I not forgotten about his traumatic 
pushed-into-the-pool experience, I might not have 
been so persuasive at the pool.  

This whole situation reminds me that kids WILL 
REMEMBER EVERYTHING, and he likely remembers it more like a BIG MONSTER grabbed his leg and dragged him under the water while breathing fire into his hair.  Thankfully, this week had shed some light for Middle Brother, and also Big Brother has been very accommodating in NOT pushing him into the pool sans life preserver.  :)

Wee One is also enjoying the pool, in smaller doses. He's not a fan of the life jacket though (screams as soon as its zipped up) so I'm a nervous wreck taking him in 'just in case'...  but he's made it through the week so far.

Here are a few photos to share or our little holiday:

Here we have Daddy & Wee One posing in front of Grandma's garden.  

Here are the little rock collectors playing in the shade (or 'shave' as Big Brother used to call it... I miss those young toddler words a lot these days as I realize that my little boys are growing up.  I told Ethan that he used to say this and I got the old "Oh-Mom!"-eye roll)

Its been HOT!  And the kids insist on swimming in the peak of the sun, so here we are with Grandma, all coated in sun-block & sporting these wonderful hats!

I hope that your week is going well, and I'll be back soon!

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