Tuesday, 2 July 2013

DIY Centrepieces (in a Pinch)

Yesterday's Canada Day Party was so much fun!  I can't wait to share all the details & decor, but for tonight I'll have to settle for this quick DIY.

I was pretty on-the-ball for this party, and I had everything ready ahead of time.  I had a list and plans and felt pretty good going into the set up phase.  My good friend & neighbour Sarah from Becoming Martha came over to help both on Friday night when we tidied up loose ends - and had a lesson on Cricut use - and on Saturday to set everything up.  We were almost finished when we realized that there were no plans for table centrepeices!  What?!  So a bit of panic mode ensued as Monday was the holiday and there weren't any stores a) close enough & b) open.  What to do?!

We headed out to the local grocery store, and hoped for the best.  We picked up some red berries and mini marshmallows, and then Sarah raided her crafty stash and here's what we came up with!  


vases (any size/shape would do)
red berries (or coloured candies of theme)
mini marshmallows
balloons in theme colours
balloon sticks
paper straws

Blow up balloons.  Attach to sticks.  Cover stick with the paper straw.  Repeat as desired.

Layer the vases with candies in a desired pattern.  We did layers to replica the flag.  

Stick the balloons into the filled vases & TaDa!  Quick, last minute centrepeices that look great!

Here is another variation just using the marshmallows & some craft twine:

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