Thursday, 4 July 2013

A Twist on Hand Print T-Shirts

Inspired by last year's Canada Flag t-shirts that we made, I was looking for ideas for something different that could be done using the boys' hand prints.  I couldn't find anything I loved... And then it hit me.  FIREWORKS!  Hand print fireworks!  Yep.  So we did it.


various colours of fabric paint
white t-shirts
patience (haha... lots of this one)

See the tutorial here for instruction.

I did each colour separately and washed hands in between.  It was easy with the older boys, a little more tricky with the 14 month old.  Somehow I managed to get his done without any crying or paint-eating.

The most important trick to these is getting the kiddos to spread their hands wide.  I overlapped the prints to get a kind of firework-y feel.  Next time, I would get different colours... the primary colours are OK, but I think they would have been nicer with some teals and limes.

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