Friday, 28 February 2014

10 Free Printables to Organize Your Home {Perfect Pins}

This winter has been feeling longer and longer. I've been sort of house bound for the past month and so I have been going from room to room trying to purge, rearrange, organize and get ready for the new addition. I have been looking to bins and storage ideas to keep things more under control. I am hoping that this time things will be more permanently tidy.  Fingers crossed.

I think there is nothing worse than being unable to find something, or forgetting about what's in that box until its too late.... like baby clothes that you drag out too late because you thought they were size 6 months but they were actually newborn!  I've done this a few times.

Here are 10 awesome (free) printables to help you keep things labelled and tidy. 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Chocolate Peach Smootie

I've been getting a lot done around the house these days, and I have been trying to sneak in quick meals during the day so as not to interrupt the flow! I get easily sidetracked and so stopping to make lunch will usually end in me sitting on the couch for the rest of the afternoon catching up on my recorded shows. Did I mention this is week 32 of pregnancy? I think its a good enough excuse!

The To Do List for today has been shortened (due to my probably overdoing it a little yesterday) but I really hope to get through most of it. Wish me luck!

I slowed down to make some lunch, and with a lot of things being far less than appealing, I decided to make a smoothie. Now, this recipe might not sound delicious as I was just looking through the fridge and threw in whatever looked delicious. It turned out so tasty! I can't even believe it. Even now as I write this recipe out I feel like it looks like a strange combination. Give it a try though. Its so yummy!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Everything I Didn't Want to Know about Placenta Previa

The countdown is officially on and this baby will be here soon!  I'm now in my 32nd week and feeling pretty good.  I'm little sore, terrible heartburn and having trouble sleeping... typical pregnancy things. This time has been very different from the others.  As it draws closer to the end, I am in a bit of panic mode and I'm going to tell you why......

Fourth time is apparently not the charm, and I have a condition called Placenta Previa. In this condition, the placenta placement is less than favourable... and its either covering the cervix (complete) or very close to the cervix (within 2cm; marginal).  

I found this little visual on Baby Center.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

10 Free Character Crochet Hat Patterns {Perfect Pins}

As I'm (finally) getting some crochet projects finished, I thought I would share with you 10 of my favourite character crochet patterns! I have tried all of these patterns and they turn our FABULOUS! (Two of them are mine... I'm allowed to toot my own horn from time to time... Right?!) Check out some of the projects I've done here.

These are all easy to follow and quick to make. I hope you find something you love and share what you've made here in comments!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Rise & Shine: Healthy Breakfast Omlette

Mornings are always a crunch around here trying to get everyone organized and ready for the days.  Today we were off for Family Day and it was nice to have the extra day with no plans, no school, no work & no hockey!  I took the opportunity to put together a delicious breakfast.  I LOVE really good breakfast.  Who am I kidding?... I love food in general.  But there is something about a big, healthy breakfast that makes me extraordinarily happy.  

This morning I played a little game of "What's in the Fridge", and here's what I came up with!  It was SOOOOO tasty & filling.  The boys chose to go for boiled eggs & bacon.  I enjoyed this fabulous omlette to myself.  I can't say I'm sad that they didn't want to share!  

Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Day Treats: White Chocolate Bark

This is a quick and fun DIY that looks fabulous and takes very little time to prepare!  I had so much fun making it!  The boys were really excited to see how this White Chocolate Bark turned out, and they couldn't wait to share it with their classmates!!

Valentine's Day Treats: White Chocolate Pretzel

They boys' class parties are today and I was busy last night helping them get ready!  Middle guy wasn't himself last evening and so he didn't feel much like it, but the Biggest and I sat down and got at it!  (And Daddy too... I think he likes Washi Tape almost as much as me!!)

I love sending in treats so I made two different kinds to send for the parties...  Here are the White Chocolate Pretzel Treats!  Y'all ready for this?  So easy to make and they look so wonderful!!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

10 Gluten-Free Desserts {Perfect Pins}

Some weeks around here are crazier than others. This week we survived one sick boy (and managed to prevent the others from catching it!).  After all the love and snuggles and extra cleaning/laundry, I'm feeling wiper out!  I decided that the best way to curb this feeling, is to find a bunch of yummy gluten-free desserts to share.  I hope to find the motivation to make something tomorrow.  I think it will be nice to have a delicious dessert for Valentine's Day, and who doesn't love eating yummy things to celebrate a rough week??

Speaking of gluten free treats, did you see the Gluten Free Chocolate Cookie recipe that I posted?  They are DELICIOUS!  Big hit here!

I'm sharing the best 10 recipes I could find, and I am feeling super motivated to try most of them!

Valentine's Day Treats: DIY Gift Bags

With Valentine's Day right around the corner we are still doing preparations for the boys' parties at school. I'm having so much fun finding ideas and doing the prep!  We have yet to make the Valentines for their classmates, that's on the agenda tomorrow if everyone is healthy.  My middle monkey is sick with a bad case of the barfs since the middle of the night and so we've pretty much been sticking to the couch today.  I made him a "Sickie Station" on the little couch and he hasn't moved much since.  I'm pushing the water and chicken broth to him while he's awake... and waiting.  Oh, and I also have a very sparkly bathroom that I cleaned top to bottom in an attempt to prevent everyone else from contracting this yucky bug.

Meanwhile, lately I have officially gotten into my Washi Tape stash, and I now want to use it for EVERYTHING in my whole life! (Oh if only it could cure this little boy!) It is so cute & happy! So today while my sick middle boy napped, I made these sweet little gift bags to use for the DIY Teacher Gifts that we made last week.

The supply list is short, they take almost no time to make and they are really cute!  And, BONUS, they match the gifts!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Hello Everyone!!

I'm so excited to share this event with you!!!

Inline image 1

11 other bloggers and I are teamed up for a round-robin style Facebook giveaway! It will run from tonight, February 12, 2014 at 7:00pm EST until tomorrow night, February 13, 2014 at 7:00pm EST. Please watch my Facebook Page  for all the details starting later this evening!

Good Luck!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Valentine's Day Treats: DIY Teacher Gifts

There are two things that I am really into these days:  DIY projects & Washi Tape.  Did you see the Washi Tape Shelf I made last week??  Anyway, I'm enjoying a hot, quiet coffee this morning and I decided that I would sit down and make some little teacher gifts for the boys to take in on Valentine's Day.

I am also a Pick Your Plum addict, and so I had these lovely little notebooks that I was saving for just this kind of occasion.

Aren't they so cute??!!  I love the craft look, and I knew that my new Valentine's Washi Tape would make them absolutely adorable!  The ones on the left are just plain note paper inside.  The ones on the right have little sticky notes as well as plain note paper.

There you have it!  Short and sweet!  These took only minutes to make and they look great!

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Valentine's Day Treats: Gluten Free Chocolate Cookies

Today I'm sharing these delicious and adorable Valentine's gluten-free treats that are perfect for sending in to the classroom with the kiddies.  They are easy to make, fun to decorate, and they look super cute!

I used a cheater method for the cookies.  You can use any recipe for chocolate cookies.  I chose to make mine with a gluten-free cake mix.  Very simple.  6 ingredients.  Bake.  Go.  

Here's the recipe for the cookies!