Saturday, 23 November 2013

Meet Stewie! Our Little Elf ~ Elf on the Shelf Ideas Inside!

I am getting super excited about the holidays!  Its absolutely my favorite time of year for many, many reasons.  First of all, I love the decorating!  I'm starting this weekend and I just love pulling everything out of the bins and getting ready!  I also love the time with family, the visiting, the food & drink, and the special memories.

Last year we added a little Elf named Stewie to our Christmas tradition, and I am having a hard time staying patient for his return!!

Here is a recap of Stewie's antics from last year.  He will be returning around November 29 or 30 to keep an eye on our little guys!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Little Man's 6TH Birthday - DIY Circus

Today was a super exciting day.  Well actually, this whole weekend was super exciting!  Yesterday, my first born turned 6!  WHAT?!  When did this happen? The last six years seem to have flown by.  Yesterday I was reflecting on how much he's grown and all the things that I am proud of him for.  He's well-mannered.  He's polite and smart.  He's a keen learner.  He's excelling in school.  And I think to myself... I'm the Mom of this fabulous 6 year old!!

Today's party was a complete success!!  

Here's a peek at the party!