Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!!

Good Morning!  I know its still been quiet around here... but I'm hoping to get back next week!  Until then, I'd like to say a big Happy Halloween to everyone!  My boys have been counting down the days, and they are so excited for our plans this evening!  

Here is a little preview.  The older boys chose different costumes for the day at school and insisted that little brother wore his today all day as well! 

Have a safe and fun day with your little ghouls!  

Saturday, 12 October 2013

A Bit of Exciting News to Share!

It's been a busy few months for our family.... Summer ended, school began, the boys started swimming and hockey, and somehow I fit in my full time job and keep the house somewhat clean. We've had a wonderful fall so far! The boys have been helping with the leaves (we have several beautiful maple trees in our yard that drop an unbelievable amount of leaves!)

Today we are on our way to share a Thanksgiving dinner with our friends and family.... And as I'm sitting here in the car I decided its time to let you in on a little secret....

Things on the blog have really slowed down over the last three months, and I'm finally ready to share why!! (Can you guess??!!)

Thursday, 3 October 2013

10 Homemade Halloween Treats {Perfect Pins}

With the two boys in school this year, I have been giving a lot of thought to classroom parties and ideas for sending themed treats.  With Halloween just around the corner (As my middle guy said, "just at the end of the days" --month--), I've compiled some fabulous homemade treat ideas.  These would all be great for classroom parties as well as for all the special little ghouls in your life.

I'm partial to the gloves filled with various treats.  Its hilarious!

DIY Halloween Wreath ~ For $7 or less!

The kids got really excited about fall, and they have been talking about Halloween.  So on the weekend, we hauled out the bin of decorations and started getting the house perked up for the season.  

I grabbed supplies from a dollar store to make a wreath (finally) and threw together a cute little theme what was very quick to make and came with very little cost. Its super cute, the kids love it, and I think it will hold up in the elements.

Halloween Wreath

foam wreath form (I had this on hand)
3 lengths of Halloween garland ($1 each)
other Halloween themed items (I used a witchy hat & spider web --- $4)
black yarn

I wrapped the wreath form with the garland, pinning the ends to it.  This took exactly 3 of the full lengths of garland, and it looks really nice and full.

I secured the witchy hat (which is actually a headband) to the wreath form with pins.  Then I just stuck the spiderweb to the front of the wreath and tied it to the sides of the wreath with the black yarn that doubled as the string to hang the wreath from the hook on the door.

Here's the final product:

Thought I'd also share a couple of shots of the rest of the Halloween scene.  The boys love it :)