Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Simple Easter Centrepiece

I'm getting things ready for Easter, and I realized that I had been wanting to make a centrepiece for quite some time now. With all the nesting I had been up to, I had stashed away a lot of my crafting goodies to get the house organized. Earlier today I remembered about the idea I had a few weeks ago and so I picked up the rest of the supplies I needed from the Dollarama and got to it this evening!  And wow, I'm super glad I did! This project turned out so great!

The boys helped a little with the washi tape (they love it as much as I do!), and they love the finished project. The couldn't wait to show Dad!... And I think he secretly loves it too. Hehe!

Simple Easter Centrepiece


pkg small hollow plastic eggs
washi tape
small ceramic pot

plant foam
wired branches
Easter sign (got this at Dollarama for $1.25!)
blunt needle

First, I used a blunt needle and threaded the eggs for hanging. It looked like a big job, but it went pretty quickly. I just used a fine white thread and tied the loops long enough to hang the eggs.

After that, I chose as many different patterns of washi tape that I could to match the eggs.  I snapped the eggs closed and taped around the seals with the different patterns. I tried not to duplicate, only a few were the same.

Next, I cut the plant foam to fit the pot and placed the wired branches in at different lengths. I just bent the stems to fit because I didn't have the motivation to go to the basement to find something to cut the wire with. (Did I mention this is a 38 week pregnant project?! The basement seemed REALLY far to go just for wire cutters.. so I improvised)

The next steps were easy. I spread the branches out as desired and then hung the eggs. I used the spares to cover the foam in the pot. The Easter sign just sits in front of the pot on the table. I think this will be nice because even after Easter has come and gone, I can take the eggs off and remove the sign, and still use the tree part as a centrepiece for longer. I will just have to find something else to cover the foam.

That's all. Simple to make and looks fantastic! The kids were absolutely in love! Its kind of bigger than I thought so it might not live on the dining room table for long, but I will find a good home for it!

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