Sunday, 6 April 2014

DIY Baby's Nursery Sign

Here's a cute and easy little project that my wonderful friend and I made during my exciting hospital stay! She brought all the supplies and surprised me with this project.  It couldn't have turned out cuter!  What a better way to put in an evening than with washi tape and a glue gun?!

I really hope that when we use this on the baby's door, the boys get the message! Maybe we will start hanging it in preparation and they can practice...

DIY Baby Nursery Sign


Washi Tape of choice
Wooden Sign (my friend chose the cutest owl to use!)
Wooden Letters (we spelled Shhh)
Paint for Wood (we used a Sharpie Oil Paint Pen)
Glue Gun 

So, while I washi'd the Owl, my friend 'painted' the letters with the Sharpie pen. It took a couple of coats to get the colour even, but they turned out really nice. I just alternated co-ordinating colours and patterns of washi tape onto the Owl. Note: Scissors do not provide a clean cut of the tape along the edges of the cut out, and for this reason I would recommend using an exacto knife for edges. Being that we were working in a hospital room, the tools were limited.

How could anyone NOT love washi tape?? I absolutely love the way this sign turned out. I realize that the colour choices are a little boy-ish. I suppose I am drawn to all things boy after all this time spent living in a house full of them. Anyway, it will go with the rest of the house! I can always make another if needed!

After painting the letters and finishing the washi, we just hot-glued the letters in place & voila!  Isn't is gorgeous?! I absolutely love it! 

We were planning on using it on my hospital room door because I was finding it impossible to sleep there for pretty much the entire stay. I chickened out though, because I work there and I was afraid that people would find it rude... So I'll save it to use when this baby arrives and is napping. I really need to teach the toddler to read the sign. HA! 

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