Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Middle Man Turns 5 - DIY Skylanders SwapForce Birthday Party

This weekend we had a blast celebrating our middle son's 5th birthday.  He turns the big 5!  Can you believe it?  I am still wondering where the time has gone and how my little boys are growing up so fast!!

His dream was to have a Skylanders Swap Force party theme, and he's been asking for this since last year when he saw the previews for the game that wasn't even released yet!  He has repeatedly asked for this theme over the last year and I knew that was my only choice for party theme.  

I went on the search for party supplies.  Did you know that there is pretty much nothing out there (or very little) to purchase for party supplies??!!  Well I couldn't find what I was looking for anyway, so I decided to learn something new and create my own!  That's right. And what a task that was!  

I followed some tutorials from my friend Sarah's blog over at Becoming Martha.  She has some easy-to-follow posts from a while back that were awesome, and I was able to teach myself to use a new (FREE) program.  Check out her posts on my Pinterest Board here.

Ok, back to the party! Here are some photos of the day, and the fun we enjoyed!!

These are the cupcake toppers and wraps that I MADE!  I still can't believe how great they turned out!!

I need to admit that the template for the cupcake wrappers that I used did NOT fit the cupcakes.  I was super sad about this... and didn't even consider this as a possibility until I put the first one on and discovered this.  However, a brilliant idea popped into my head and I used coordinating washi tape to solve the problem.  I think that anytime I get an excuse to use washi is a happy time, and so it turned out perfect! haha.

Here's the setup of the table.  This is the banner that I made!!  I still can't believe that all of my printables turned out so wonderful!!  Super proud (geek) moment!

I was trying to really stick to the theme, so I made the kids mini sandwiches and the fruit skewers, thinking that they were like the energy and represented the elements respectively.  I don't think one kid noticed, but I was sure proud of myself!

The boys sat for a very few minutes and coloured masks, and then managed to sit long enough for me to get one photo!  

This was one of the few other minutes where everyone sat down and got photos.  Its probably because of the cupcakes that were involved.  Look at little brother in there just part of the gang.  He had a blast!

Finally!  He got to open his gifts!  He was asking pretty much from the time he opened his eyes that day!

At the end of the party, the guys decided to try out the Skylanders game.  It was fun to watch them figure out whose turn it was!  

I had so much fun with this party!  I can't wait for the next birthday. (Wee One will be 2 in April!) The wheels are already in motion!

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