Sunday, 12 January 2014

DIY Family Organizer

As part of my mission to conquer the house, I spent very little time and money making this organizer for some of the paperwork, books, homework, etc. that clutters our kitchen island regularly (permanently). The boys both bring home loads of papers almost daily.  We have no real space for keeping track of what's on the go, what's due soon, etc.  

I picked up this 5-drawer organizer during Boxing Week sales so it was half price.  I was pretty excited about that... When I was driving home from the store I was thinking of ways I could label the drawers for easy use and also to give it a nice visual.  Then I got the best idea to put the vinyl I've been desperate to use to great use!  

DIY Family Organizer

Set of drawers to suit your family (I went with 5)
Vinyl in colours of choice
Cricut with fonts cartridge

I simply cut out each person's name for a drawer, and stuck the vinyl to them!  Yep.. That's it.  It took about 10 minutes!  And look at the wonderful results!

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