Wednesday, 29 January 2014

DIY Washi Tape Shelf

I've been in super house organizing mode and this reminded me of a project that I started at the end of the summer... and then shoved into the basement because I got sidetracked.  I walked past it often and longed to finish.. but other things just kept coming up. You know... laundry for 5 people, meals, toilets, etc. 

Well, this morning I put an end to the insanity and finished the project!!  

First of all, its important for me to let you all in on a not-so-secret.  I LOVE WASHI TAPE!  Yep!  Its pretty much the best thing I've become addicted to in my entire crafting life.  There are so many patterns and colours and oh!  I just can't get enough!  So this means that I have a huge stash of it that's always unorganized and in a basket.  Its beauty is totally wasted when its waiting for the next project...... 

I had been on the lookout all summer for some type of organizer, wall hanger, shelf, anything to use for my washi stash.  I had looked at local craft shops and at larger retailers and didn't really find my vision (and I like to hang onto my money so a couple of things that would have worked were more than I could imagine paying for such a thing.  Then one evening when I was feeling defeated, I was shopping the local yard sale FB page and I found it!  It was a little shabby looking... but it was FREE! 

Here's the before:  

The picture actually does this shelf justice... It was way uglier in person!  So I looked up a tutorial for making chalk paint.  It was super easy and it turned out pretty much perfect!

The beauty of this chalk paint (aside from it being super cheap to make!) is that it allowed me to paint this wonderful little shelf without prepping it!  And it only took one good coat!  WOW!  I will be using this again in future for any appropriate projects.  So awesome!!

I just love looking at this!  I can't say enough about it. It makes me realize that my stash is bigger than I had realized, and that this shelf might not hold the whole thing!  BUT, I would totally make another!

I totally love it!  Here's one more up-closer view.  :)

I'm so happy and excited with the finished product!!  I can't wait to decide where to put it up!

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