Thursday, 4 April 2013

Follow Up - Canada vs. Sweeden

In follow up to the last post, I wanted to share the game.  My husband and I took complete advantage of having family down for Easter, and left the boys with them to attend the Team Canada vs. Sweeden game on Saturday at the Pembroke Memorial Centre.  

The place was sold out!  And thank goodness we got there early (for anyone who knows me.... this almost never happens... seriously like this was maybe the 5th time EVER) because it was packed and it was difficult to find seating!  We kept running into people we know throughout the building so by the time we found a spot, it was down in the corner.  BUT, it turned out to be the greatest spot in the building with all the goals that Canada scored, we were in the action end for 2 periods!!  

It was crazy in there.  There were so many people, the cheering was LOUD!  And the fans were great.  It was probably one of the best hockey games I have ever been to!!  (Well maybe except for my son's games this past winter.... watching twelve 4-6 year olds all chase after a puck is pretty entertaining.)

Here are some shots of the game.  I did not edit any of them.  Sorry about that.  And also, they are in non-chronological order.  

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