Friday, 5 April 2013

Check out this sewing project...And wish me luck!

Two fabulous blogs I've been following have announced today that they are hosting a Quilt-Along!  

I have considered trying to make a quilt... but with my limited sewing experience, the task seems daunting.  

I am new to sewing.  I started just last winter.  I picked up a fairly basic machine and watched a few YouTube videos.  Let me tell you, I am super impressed that I was able to learn how to use my new treasure in 30 minutes.  I made two crib sized pillow cases on my very first attempt.  They turned out pretty great for a beginner (I think... I was beaming!)

I made a pile of receiving blankets which helped with my nesting as well as improved my ability to sew a straight line.  I have a wonderful girlfriend who would have date nights with me so I could get out of my house, and work on my mad skills in peace and quiet.  Here's the tutorial I used:

I tackled a big project a few months into my new addiction: my Diaper Bag.  Let me just say that was a fun-filled 6 hour day of making my hubby keep the kids outside.  Its held up though, and its probably the best of all the diaper bags I've ever had :)  This is the tutorial:

I haven't yet tried a quilt.  I am overwhelmed by the thought of cutting the fabric (This is a part of sewing that I despise...).  But, I think that joining this Quilt-Along is going to be the very best way to dabble in quilting.  It will also be difficult to bail because its in a group, and I will feel like a failure if I throw in the towel.  (I have no shame about this kind of thing when its only me.... a great friend of mine says, "When things get hard I just want to quit".  This pretty much sums up how I feel on the inside about things that get rough.)  Sewing has been a love-hate kind of thing for me.  Mostly love.. but when the machine starts acting up by doing the "hairy thing" which usually only shows up on the bottom side so I only notice when I'm DONE something, or when the bobbin runs out of thread and I haven't noticed until I'm finished something there's a lot of rage.  Sometimes I will notice myself using language that I don't feel is appropriate for such a domestic hobby.  That's when I have to stop whatever it is I'm doing and come back to it another day.  lol.

I'm doing the quilt.  Even if it kills me.  I will share progress along the way.  Also, if there is anyone out there who'd like to join this journey with me, please join!  The support will be great for first-time quilters like myself. *Nudge in the general direction of some gals I know*.... ;)

Let the fun/frustration begin!



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  2. I wish I could do this quilt project but my poor little sewing machine is in the shop:((( I will be following along with all you guys and pinning away!!

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