Sunday, 21 April 2013

Cake Disaster! (Don't Worry! There's a Happy Ending!)

This weekend we  shared our baby's First Birthday with some friends and family.  I like to do most of my party prep myself (and with the help of my wonderful Mom!).  Yesterday's mission was the cake.  Now, normally I am a from-scratch kind of person, however, I have yet to find a really really good gluten-free cake recipe that doesn't contain a million-and-a-half ingredients.  I have found a delicious gluten-free cake mix that I have been using for over a year now, and its still the best one out there!

I left this party planning to the very last minute.  I decided to whip up the cake quickly yesterday.... and all was going well.  I wanted to marble it, so I used a golden and a chocolate mix.  

The baking instructions were a little different for the two so I winged it. 

Things were going well!  The cake was nice and fluffy looking when it was done.  It smelled delicious!  So then I waited a few minutes and transferred it to the cooling rack.  This is when the disaster happened.... Cake Rage ensued... Its similar to road rage but happens when you have no time to bake another cake and you break the one you've just spent an hour making...

This poor little cake almost found itself in the bottom of my garbage can.  It just blew apart...

I tried not to panic, and I asked a friend of mine who makes wonderful cakes if there was any way that I could save this cake.  I did not have time for a do-over!  So, with some icing to stick it back together and reassurance, here's the final product!  

I used icing like glue in between the pieces that fell apart and just stuck them back together.  It worked perfectly and it cut & served just like nothing had happened!

The boys were thrilled to help decorate this cake!

This Birthday Boy was pleased!  He was so tired at this point but managed to get the cake in!  

So that's how to save a cake from the garbage can in a fit of cake rage.  :)  

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