Thursday, 25 September 2014

Not Just Lashes - Younique Review

I am quite excited to share more about the Younique products that I have been able to test this week! I have been pleased with each product that I have tried. Stephanie and I got together just the other day and played with various items from her presentation kit. We did a little photo shoot and without further adieu, here is a little summary of the products we tried out!

The face cleanser was pretty amazing. The amount that you see on my finger in this shot is the amount that I used on my entire face. It lathers so nicely and feels great.

My face felt super squeaky clean post washing.

The moisturizing gel feels so wonderful going on. I thought it felt really kind of oily at first, but after a few moments it all soaked into my face and the feeling completely changed to soft and smooth, and there was no oily feeling whatsoever!

The make up primer also went a long way! I used only what you can see in the photo and it did my whole face, concentrating on the eye area a bit more. 

Here's a step by step look at my eyes! Please note that even though my friend insists that she in NOT a makeup artist, I think she did a pretty amazing job!

That shot is just regular mascara.

Here just the left side is done with the 3D Fiber Lashes. I still can't believe how crazy long they are! And they have such a full look!

There you have the finished product. I love everything, and I realized that I love having my makeup done by someone else! 

I hope you will browse the products & find something you can't do without!

The party is still going! Head over!

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