Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Back to School - Successful First Week

We survived the first week! And it was even pretty great! I think we were all equally excited about the return to school (well I might have been just a little more excited than the boys). Its been so great to get back into routine and schedule! The weather has stayed beautiful, even nicer for a few days! The littles and I are enjoying our alone time while the big boys enjoy their friends at school.

The first day was a bit of a mess. I neglected to read the bus paperwork thoroughly and so we waited at the old bus stop instead of the new one, so we ended up driving to school (thankfully its very close by!).  The following bus photos were captured on the second day.

This post has taken longer than I thought but the first week was tiring! Between school and various other plans/activities I have finally found a few minutes.... And just now as sat down to write this, crazy toddler stuck a popcorn kernel up his nose. Nice. 

Here are a few more cute shots of the first week.

This was wee baby being super cute finding his toes while the rest of us were busy getting ready the first morning.

Ethan was playing with a friendly butterfly while we waiting at the wrong stop.

Look at us all smiley. We hadn't yet noticed that we were at the wrong bus stop yet.

I thought it would be hard for this little to see his brothers leave, but he was quite the opposite! He enjoyed his first day alone playing in his brothers' room and touching their stuff!  It reminded me of Home Alone where Kevin thinks that he's not alone in the house so he's shouts out, "Buzz, I'm going through all your private stuff, you better come out and pound me!".  Anyway...

Here he is enjoying the iPad, alone.

Here he is scaling the fridge for a snack, alone.

The only slight issue is that school seems to be too early for wee baby when he's been up all night. Actually, pretty much every morning I have to wake his little butt up to make it on time.

All in all a great first week of school was had by all. 

Oh, and I did get the popcorn kernel out of the nostril before I started writing.

Do you have little ones going to school? 

When did they start back?

How was the first week?

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