Friday, 18 July 2014

Outdoor Furniture Re-Do

Last weekend I completed a project that I had started last summer. Well, I suppose I didn't really start it. I picked up a set of outdoor furniture for $20 with great aspirations of doing a makeover and creating a gorgeous set for around our fire pit... and for probably 96 reasons I ended up putting it off and then eventually forgetting about it until summer was long over and I was no longer motivated to do it seeing as we couldn't enjoy it with the snow that was looming. I'm sorry for mentioning that dreaded word, by the way.

So for the past few weeks we have been staring at this ugly furniture and I've been hoping to sneak in the makeover... and I finally did it this weekend!  I have to say that the finished product is even better than I had imagined it! I have a sore back as most of this was done with a little baby wrapped to me. He certainly prefers to be held, and so that was pretty much the only way to complete this project. I can't say I mind, he's super cuddly... only my back is paying for it a bit because of the bending, etc. required to paint the furniture.

I used the same tutorial for making chalk paint that I had used when making the Washi Tape Shelf back in the winter because it turns out really nice!  I had paint leftovers in the basement from bedrooms and bathrooms so I had a few colours to choose from.

Here's what this stuff looked like before:

Beautiful set, right?! Well my little helper and I got busy making this over! 

He had such a fun time painting. This type of paint is fantastic because there's no prepping required. I didn't do anything to the furniture before we started, and it went on so easy.

Of course, I was hoping that this would be a quick project. It wasn't. We were at it most of the day and I had to finish one chair the following day. I have this habit of always thinking that things will take an hour when it really turns out to be 4.

What do you think?? 

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