Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Welcome the Newest Monkey!

He's Here! He's Here!

Just 13 short days ago we welcomed the newest little member of our family! What an amazing day it was! I must comment that early labour was annoying... I had never started on my own before so after being induced 3 previous times I didn't really know what to make of contractions that started on their own.  I did figure, however, that it would happen because not only was I invited to a work function for my husband the following day but my mom was out of town. I was fairly certain that Baby would arrive if for no other reason than it was less convenient than I would have liked.

After organizing the boys at the sitter's for the night, we ventured into the hospital after almost 2 hours of regular contractions. After assessment I was told that I would stay the night for observation (I was not in active labour). The contractions went on all night. The didn't get worse... just regular, every 3-5 minutes and just irritating enough that I wasn't able to sleep. Yeah.

By morning I was sufficiently exhausted and still didn't have a baby. Once things got rolling a little later in the day, it went super quick and after just over 2 hours of labour our new little man, Kellan, arrived safe and sound. He came on his due date and shares his birthday with my late grandfather which is very special to us.

I'll let the photos do the talking...

We are enjoying every moment! He's absolutely wonderful! Just love him so much!

Newborn photos are courtesy of my amazing friend Christal. Aren't they gorgeous?!  We absolutely love them!!

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