Monday, 26 May 2014

Bright Flower Cupcakes

Some of the most fun parts about being a Mom are the silliest. I love making treats to send to school. I love how happy it makes the boys. I love when they tell me things like, "You're the best Mom ever because you make the best cupcakes!". Like really, this is truly true in their little hearts. You're score on the scale of Mom-Awesomeness immediately jumps if you make the best cupcakes.

The last class celebration was Easter, and I decided to make a double batch of these cute cupcakes and send some for both of their classes... (what else do you spend the night doing when 39 weeks pregnant?)

Bright Flower Cupcakes

My plan was to use a package mix for the cupcakes... until I realized it was after the stores were closed here and I didn't have enough. So instead, I used this recipe from Cupcake Ideas and More. It was easy to follow and quick to make. They turned out absolutely wonderful! 

My secret to icing when you don't have time to make icing, is to use a container of Duncan Hines Fluffy icing. I use the beaters to increase the fluffiness of the icing so it goes even farther, and add colour. (A good friend of mine shared this secret to make the container go farther. Brilliant!)

I had a bag of Spring coloured candy corn (seriously??!! Imagine my excitement when I came across this in the bulk section at the local grocery store!) & some sprinkles on hand & went to town!

I just love them! I was really sad to send them away. The boys both came home reporting that their friends at school LOVED them! I wonder sometimes if they just see how excited I am about these sorts of treats and tell me what I hope to hear... do 4-7 year olds really pay attention to the details of the cupcakes that they consume? Or do they just plow through it to ride the sugar high?  

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