Saturday, 14 December 2013

DIY Christmas Bulb Wreath for the Holiday Season

This year I have been motivated to make my own wreaths to jazz up the front door.  I am now excited each time there is a new occasion to hang something fresh on the door.

For the holidays, I decided to try my hand at a Christmas bulb wreath.  I have loved every one that I have seen online, and they look super easy to make!  So I gathered supplies that I had picked up last year during after Christmas sales (I got the bulbs super cheap!) and went to town!

DIY Christmas Bulb Wreath

1 wire clothes hanger
lots and lots of Christmas bulbs
glue gun & sticks
wire cutters (and a husband willing to help! haha!)

First, I tried to shape the wire hanger into the shape I wanted for the wreath.  This was harder than I had anticipated!  I had to buy the wire hangers new because I was unable to find any in our house, or my mom's house, or any of my friends' houses.  Those things are hard to come by!!

After shaping the hanger, I started threading the bulbs onto it. I highly recommend using bulbs that are all the same size.  I did not and this made it very difficult to get them placed so that the wreath looked full.  Anyway, on with it....

I love the colours!  This was a little tricky, and next time I would make sure to glue the little top pieces to the bulbs because as I was trying to attach the two ends of the wreath, bulbs kept flying off.

There's the finished product.  I have not taken photos of it on the door, but its super cute.  Maybe I will do that later, but somehow a few of the bulbs have flown off with the boys in and out slamming the door!

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