Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I had Great Plans for a Recipe Today

I was planning on throwing together a quick one pot dinner tonight, some kind of sweet & sour pork chops with fresh veggies and rice.  My plans were foiled when I started cooking the chops (that we purchased just yesterday).  The smell nearly turned my guts. UGH.  Nothing worse than ROTTEN meat!  YUCK!

So, we had takeout instead!  I did, however, return the meat to the store... I was given the money back. I also left a little note on the return slip as this is not the first time such an event has occurred from this local store.  I wrote, "Not pleased.  This happens frequently.  I now had to order takeout for a family of 5... a lot more costly than the meal plan I had made at home. Won't be shopping here again."

Here's hoping I can share tomorrow night's recipe!

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