Sunday, 12 May 2013

Quilt Progress - Week 2 (A little late...)

Last week (Week 2 of the Quilt-Along) was the cutting phase of the project.  I am ALMOST done with the cutting.  I started on time, and then just didn't do anymore until yesterday.  I don't know what happened there, and I have no excuse.... But here is the progress! 

I'm still really proud of the cutting.  I learned a lot about how to do this...  And a really nice lady from the local scrapbooking store lent me a big metal straight edge for a guide.  It was so much easier!

I'm very technical when it comes to these kind of things, so after using my fingers and toes, I had to get the calculator out to make sure a few times before I started the cutting.  I was sooooo afraid of making a mistake on this beautiful fabric!

I used a self-healing mat that I had in my scarpbook supplies (I had NEVER used it!).  It worked great.  I drew all over it with dry erase marker.

Look how straight those babies are!  Yep!  Proud moments of a first time quilter right there...

Laying it all out, things are starting to get real!  

Yesterday I started cutting the printed blocks.  My oldest son helped.  He's getting really excited about this.  He helped measure and stack the cut blocks.  We got about half way through before I had to get ready for work last night... and he's been asking today since I got up when we can finish them!  Hopefully this evening we can get them finished so I can catch up on this week's piecing the quilt.

Here's the link to week 2 :)  Happy Quilt-Along!

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