Sunday, 3 February 2013

Just Keep Swimming....

Good evening!  Its getting late here but thanks to the little nap I had on the couch, I'm wide awake and thinking about a lot of things I'd like to get done in my house.

I'm going to start with this:  I'm a hoarder.  There.  I said it.  Well I'd like to clarify that I'm not the TV show calibre of hoarder.  My house is clean.  I take pride in a clean house.  I just have a LOT of stuff, and I have a hard time parting with anything!  Having said that, I am currently on a rampage through my entire house, de-cluttering, organizing, and yes.... getting rid of unwanted, unneeded stuff.

I have something that I like to call MADD... Momma Attention Deficit Disorder.  I get started on one project (my spare room) and I end up here and there throughout the house, not really accomplishing anything.  I have torn the spare room apart, organized the closet, decided I hated what I did with the closet, piled a bunch of my STUFF on the bed, and haven't been back in there in a week.  In the meantime, I started cleaning out the boys' closets, organizing my yarn stash, crocheting a scarf, crocheting a hat, and beginning Valentine crafts with the boys.  Oh, and I'm also on a major laundry reorganization thing also.

And my sewing machine is calling.  Poor guy hasn't even been looked at since the holidays.  I think he's collecting dust.

So I'm looking for organization help!  I've been searching other blogs for inspiration.  I have been compiling printables for creating a Household Organization binder, as well as cleaning routine checklists and other organizational goodies.  I will share those a little later.

My goal in all this, is to get my house into what I consider great shape before I head back to work in a few short months.  I feel like I'm overwhelmed by the amount of STUFF in here.  I think my new strategy should be one room at a time, and to stick to one job before starting others.

Wait a minute.... was that a shiny thing?  Let's try not to get so distracted by anything/everything else, shall we?

I think Dory said it best.... "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming... swimming... swimming..."

Here are some of the sites I have been searching for inspiration....

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