Saturday, 26 January 2013

Cloth Crazy!!

Good Afternoon!  

I thought I would take this little bit of quiet time that I have today to share something.  I use cloth diapers!  I realize that a lot of people think its gross and a lot or work, because I was one of those people with my first two boys.  With my first, I didn't really know about it... I was like many other first time moms and thought that when you had a baby you buy Pampers or Huggies and that's that.  With my second, I had my best friend telling me about cloth, as she had her first shortly after mine and she was going cloth!  I thought she was crazy.  I didn't understand how/why she would want to put dirty diapers in her washing machine (the same one she put her family's clothing in.... DISGUSTING!)  And so, I continued in my world of $20/week disposables.  

With my third baby, that very same best friend was due only weeks before me.  She again began trying to convince me to give it a go.  She played the "you will save so much money" card a lot, and reassured me that it was not nearly as gross as I thought.  Long story short, its WONDERFUL!  I wish I had done it with my first two boys!  Its so easy (maybe 1-2 extra loads of laundry/week... which in a house of 5 isn't even noticed).

It was a little overwhelming to start.  There are serveral different types (all-in-one, pockets, fitted, covers, all-in-two, etc...).  It took me a while to get onto the diaper lingo... I have joined several FB groups and whatnot where I have learned a lot about the process, about washing, striping, drying, sunning (This amazing process by which you lay your stained diapers in the sun and within a few hours, BAM! Stains gone!!)

I could truly go on and on about cloth diapering.  There are so many benefits including, but not limited to, saving money, saving the environment, saving the baby's bottom... My little guy has had NO rashed of any kind caused by the diapers, whereas my other babies developed rashes from time to time for no apparent reason.  They are also so darn cute!!  There is a wide world of colours, prints, fabrics and styles to choose from.

Here are a few shots of my stash for you!  I have also sewn one for my friend that got me started... I will share that here as well.

This is a Little Fancy Pants called Julius Blue

Little Fancy Pants Ooga Booga

My Little Fancy Pants stash... they are amazing.

Sunning :)

Even a Finding Nemo Pocket!

The boys being silly..

Again in the Julius.  My fave!

This is the one I sewed for my friend.  Not too shabby for a first attempt!

Enjoy the rest of the day and thanks for stopping by!

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