Sunday, 17 November 2013

Little Man's 6TH Birthday - DIY Circus

Today was a super exciting day.  Well actually, this whole weekend was super exciting!  Yesterday, my first born turned 6!  WHAT?!  When did this happen? The last six years seem to have flown by.  Yesterday I was reflecting on how much he's grown and all the things that I am proud of him for.  He's well-mannered.  He's polite and smart.  He's a keen learner.  He's excelling in school.  And I think to myself... I'm the Mom of this fabulous 6 year old!!

Today's party was a complete success!!  

Here's a peek at the party!  

Setting this party up was so much fun!  A big thanks to my good friend who helped out with EVERYTHING!

Here's Birthday Boy looking rather unimpressed.  I think that had more to do with it being WAY past bedtime and less a lack of enthusiasm for this awesome Circus Tent!

We used rolls of plastic tablecloth to create the Big Top.  Started with a hula-hoop and draped the sheets around it, fixing it to the ceiling and walls with push pins.

I LOVE the way this turned out!!  The Big Top was super!  The kids loved it too.

We had a Ring Toss as our only game.  I thought that it would be pretty difficult to get 13 boys aged 4-6 to participate actively.  Boy, was I wrong!  They had a great time playing the ring toss!

Next up, the Tattoo Booth.  I stumbled upon these at a craft fair just yesterday... It was kind of perfect!  I was going to leave the event on a mission to find temporary tattoos for the party.  These were a HIT!

The same wonderful friend that helped me with the set up also agreed to be the Tattoo Artist for the party! She's a keeper :)

There's Birthday Boy getting "inked"... well glittered really. 

Here's the finished product!  The boys loved the tattoos!

Onto the food... We had searched pinterest for circus ideas and found quite a few!  I love how the table setup came together!  We did the cupcakes the night before and good thing!  They took time and patience! Check out my pinterest for the tutorial on making these Popcorn Cupcakes.

Here are a few more shots of the grub!

I would like to blame Pinterest for my efforts wasted on cute little veggie & dip cups that no kid would touch.  Ha! Seriously.  Not one kid agreed to take a veggie & dip cup.  I was sad.  But I was able to eat quite a few of the extra so I suppose I should keep the complaining to a minimum.

This was one of the most fun parties we have done so far!  It was a little crazy & chaotic with all those boys, but they all had a great time!  We are leaving up the Big Top for the week to enjoy it.  I made the banner with my Cricut early this morning for a finishing touch. 

Happy Birthday to my Big Boy!  I'm thrilled that you loved the party!  

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