Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hats! Sharing before Winter is gone...

I LOVE to CROCHET!  It makes me relax, happy, and I can do it while catching up on my shows via PVR (which has been very full lately and I am finally getting almost caught up).  

Here are some things that I have made lately.  I'm trying out some more Spring-ish patterns and yarns.

I just finished this hat for my littlest wee one today...

Here is the link to the Pin.

Here are some baby caps I made... found this pattern and I love to make things, regardless if I have a reason or not...

I found the pattern here:

I am not sure why the photo chooses to stay sideways...

Owls were the THING this year... and I had a whole bunch of people ordering them for their little ones :)  They all turned out super cute and not one was the same.

Angry Birds!  The patterns were super easy to follow!  My son loved his "red guy"... even though it is currently MIA.

For this hat, I used my owl pattern that I found at the following link, and I just adapted it.

The black bird was an order for my son's friend who had to have it after seeing my son's red bird hat.  These are so cute and fun!

Dabbling in new patterns seems to be a theme for me, and I am always trying new ones I find online.  This shell hat pattern was really easy also, and makes a really pretty spring bucket.

So, there are just a few of the hats I whipped up over the long winter months.  Hope you enjoy and share the patterns :)

Now, onto spring themes and ideas.... 

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